Angela & Roi

Angela & Roi offer classic style handbags made of vegan leather. Available in a range of colours, each one represents a different charitable cause. Angela & Roi’s Donate By Colour program sees $5 from the sale of each handbag go to that particular charity. Says Angela & Roi “We believe that business can use their resources to positively impact the greater community. We’ve specifically liked different causes to our various handbag colours because we feel that colour adds life and beauty to the world around us."


Aspiga was founded by Lucy Macnamara after a holiday in Kenya where she fell in love with the country and its colourful handmade products. Aspiga belts and clutches are all made in Kenya by individual suppliers with small local work forces (not large factories). Lucy says, “I am especially proud that Aspiga, is not only selling some fabulous accessories, but is also helping to fight poverty through trade."

bluma project

NYC-based bluma project design contemporary jewellery collections made by women’s producer groups in East and West Africa, Peru and the Philippines. Bluma project founder Beth Schaeffer has travelled extensively to source design, and specifically to Rwanda, Ghana, and Peru to train women in advanced jewelry making skills. The result is intricate, bold, beautiful jewelry; inspired by travel, with a modern fashion aesthetic. Says bluma project: "Having our pieces produced around the globe brings authenticity to the work and helps to build sustainable income for artisans practicing their craft."

Dirty Librarian Chains

Founded by designer Susan Domelsmith on a zero waste design model, Dirty Librarian Chains jewellry is made from materials dating from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Each piece incorporates bold retro-futuristic structures with a distinct eye-catching playfulness. Domelsmith also promotes sustainable design by offering workshops where students can learn jewelry making and create new pieces from their own meaningful treasures and heirlooms. Says Dirty Librarian Chains: "For nearly a decade, her work has been at the forefront of the sustainable fashion jewelry movement and has offered alternatives to inspire others to also think about the issue of wasteful fast fashion manufacturing."    

Matt & Nat

Canadian brand Matt & Nat (Material & Nature) produce timeless and durable handbags made of vegan leather and other sustainable and/or recycled materials. The company motto is “Live Beautifully” – take care of our planet as it takes care of us. Says Matt & Nat “We love the environment and aim to work with it to offer you sustainable, ecological and highly fashionable accessories.”

Miss Mochila

Chloe Abadi started Miss Mochila after seeing the vibrant textiles produced by the Wayuu Tribe in South America. Bags are hand made by this Tribe where weaving skills are passed down through generations and families work together to produce each item. Chole says “The purchase of a Miss Mochila item helps the economy of these lovely and hardworking peoples.”


Prymal Panama Hats are 100% handmade in Ecuador by local artisans. Committed to sustainability throughout the entire design and production process, Prymal use natural materials to make the hats; upcycle where possible; and employ green marketing practices. Prymal says: “We noticed a need for people to start making smart choices in their everyday lives, including shopping. So we created Prymal, mixing sustainability with luxurious design! Prymal is our way to help hard-working artisans, the environment and the planet.”

Raven + Lily

Founded by friends Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Lin, jewellery label Raven + Lily was created as a platform to utilise their shared passion for ethical fashion and to help alleviate poverty among women. Raven + Lily currently employs marginalised women in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia, Pakistan, and the USA at fair trade wages to give them access to a safe job, sustainable income, health care and education. Raven + Lily says: “We are committed to providing products that are made by hand, follow fair trade standards, and honor our eco-friendly commitment.”  


Soko is an online fashion hub that sources and promotes handcrafted jewellery created by artisans in emerging economies, using natural and upcycled materials. By providing artisans with computer and technology solutions, Soko helps designers manage their production, sell to global shoppers, and get paid directly. Soko says: “This market access and training, supported by technology, expands economic opportunity for artisans, the majority of whom are women, in underserved communities, creating real, immediate impact and disrupting the traditional export supply chain.”

The Ropes

American designer Shana Aldrich Ready started The Ropes after being inspired by her coastal surroundings in Maine. The Ropes bracelets are practical, colorful and highly durable, with each piece hand made from authentic nautical ropes and hardware. Shana’s philosophy is to create beautiful things from every day materials.


Launched in 2000, Thomaspaul produce handcrafted textile homewares and fashion accessories. Products are high-quality and small batch, made using traditional processes. Thomaspaul's striking printed scarves are made in India by local artisans using time-honored weaving and printing traditions. Founder Thomas Paul says: “My vision for the thomaspaul brand has always been about combining classic design motifs from different periods in textile design. Incorporating anything from an 18th century Damask pattern to a camouflage print. I am always looking to vintage fabrics and motifs for inspiration and new ideas, but always try to update these to look good for today."