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Ethical activewear we love to sit at home online shopping in.

No doubt exercise is good for you. But the material byproducts of this multi-billion industry can have huge social and environmental impacts. For many people working out is essential to lifestyle and wellbeing, but exercise habits should only impact on joints and muscles - not the environment.

Workout gear
This clothing category is riddled with contradictive messages - promoting healthy lifestyle with nasty fabrics and muddy supply chains.

The ethical alternative - bell-bottom hemp yoga pants are not for everyone. Happily Alternative Apparel exists. Their organic cotton and eco-blend active wear also contains recycled and organic materials. Dyes are non-toxic and natural garments are finished with 60% less water. All products are made in factories in accordance with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) Workplace Code of Conduct.

Aside from it’s ethical credentials, Alternative Apparel has serious design chops and offer a range of movement clothing that is chic, streamlined and perfectly suited to the ‘athleisure’ aesthetic.

We also love LA brand Electric & Rose, named after the iconic streets in Venice Beach. With a laid-back and edgy feel, their range of yoga-wear, tights and tees embody the LA lifestyle.

Exercise venues
Sydney is yet to blessed with an ethical gym. Pull on your sneakers (Mizuno and Puma rank well in the good shopping guide) and hit the thousands of public paths and parks for a workout that will literally only leave footprints. Or if you want a bit more muscle milk check out the best 10 outdoor gyms in Sydney.

For yoga, the eco-philosophy of Yoga Sivana studio is the perfect balance of practical and spiritual. Natural fibre Jute Yoga Mats (instead of toxic PVC), organic cotton bolsters and blankets, eco-friendly cork yoga blocks, insulation and recycled furniture create an eco yoga oasis.

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