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There is no shortage of fashion blogs around the world.

Anyone with the right look, connections and Instagram instincts can not only broadcast their outfits and fashion views, they can make a serious career out of it.

Top celebrity bloggers can rake it in with advertising, paid promotions, brand ambassadorship etc. But if you scroll your feed like I have over the past few days (Paris Fashion Week!!!!) you’ll notice they’re all doing, photographing and hash tagging the same thing: Eiffel Tower at night, Valentino, models on the runway. Yawn.

Ethical fashion blogging is a far more niche and innovative field, and less lucrative I imagine. A real community and sense of shared purpose seems to exist among the few bloggers. They all refer, compliment and shout out to each other via their posts. In this spirit of solidarity here are our favourite three ethical fashion blogs.


ONE: Eco Warrior Princess

One of the few Australian voices, Jennifer Nini posts regularly from her off-the-grid farm about the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry, and advocates “going green” in every aspect of life. Her posts are practical, relevant and relatable. Like the recent one about that piece in every girl’s wardrobe her partner can’t stand. Mine is a Gumby green jumpsuit bought in Costa Rica where it made perfect sense.


TWO: Ecocult

This is a super nice looking blog. Creator Alden Wicker seems to typify ethical blogger – she writes, cooks, practices yoga etc. Like Eco Warrior Princess, fashion is just one part of Ecocult. It also covers food and beauty, and rounds up weekly sustainable events in New York City where Wicker is based. I love her piece about pity shopping – this is exactly what Sunday Tracker aims not to be. 


THREE: The Note Passer

Elizabeth Stillwell is a former teacher and it shows in the presentation, thoroughness and attention to detail on The Note Passer. It’s a calming online experience – like browsing the shelves of a quiet, modern library. The article about ethical wardrobe essentials really demonstrates the scope, range and quality of sustainable fashion.


Also worth a look…Aussie model turned ethical activist Nerida Lennon compiles an e-magazine every month called Eco Fashion News.

Happy reading.

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