Sunday Girls

Gabby Viteri

The G in G.Viteri, Gaby started the brand with her husband Roberto to bring together their shared passions – travel, helping local Ecuadorian communities, and environmental preservation. The brand is among the world’s best having received the Blue Butterfly trust mark of positive living by Positive Luxury.

Roberto and I decided to start working together before getting married. We quit our jobs and travelled through Ecuador, looking for the best artisans and unique handmade pieces. On this search we stumbled upon a hat store in the Andean region. We immediately fell in love with the tradition and complex process behind every single toquilla straw hat. It represents our country’s roots.

We work with different hat artisans; each one has their own specialty. They all live in very poor rural areas of Ecuador, mainly in Azuay and Manabí provinces. We work with female co-ops that comprise more than 200 female weavers, and also with small family businesses. In the small family businesses the entire family works together. 90% of our artisans are women and their immediate families.

Our relationship with each artisan is not only business-related, it’s more like a long friendship. We value each of them not only for their great skills and hard work, but also for what teach us regarding ancient traditions, appreciating nature and their absolute kindness.

We are committed to making sure all of our suppliers benefit from working with G.Viteri. Growing together and helping each other is part of our DNA.

Toquilla Straw Hats (“Panama Hats”) are only made in Ecuador. In a world led by mass production, it is not easy to have a unique handmade product that is made with love and joy by only a few people in the world.”

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