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We have a signed copy of Wear No Evil by Greta Egan. I like the quote on the cover from One Tree Hill actress and activist Sophia Bush. That aside, it’s a good read. Egan, a writer, stylist and “eco-preneur” is a passionate advocate for eco-fashion and wrote this book as a practical how to.

For someone committing to a lifestyle and wardrobe detox Egan provides detailed steps, guides and checklists, covering everything from wedding dresses to toothpaste. Her Integrity Index includes 16 criteria like organic, fair trade, and water footprint.

For me, the why bit is more compelling. Why major industries - food, beauty, household etc - have all successfully subscribed to ethical and responsible production but fashion hasn’t…really. The common refrain of ethical fashionists: Why do we seemingly care more about the chickens that lay eggs than the people who make our clothes?

Egan is convincing and not preachy. She names dozens of brands that rate well on her index. Being American, many of them you may not find in Australia. But some you can.

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